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Hello pancake lovers!
Welcome to your one stop place for all sorts of pancake recipes! To make this introduction useful let us direct you to the thing you are probably looking for - a simple pancake recipe to get you started.

Of course there are many other recipes for pancakes on this website and since none of them are really hard to make you can eventually try them all. We would be also very happy if you sent us your own versions of recipes and share them with the rest of pancake lovers.

So - if you want to send us your own pancake recipe just email it to:!

Now a little bit more about this website. The recipes here are divided into 6 categories:

Popular Recipes
These are the most popular pancake recipes around the world. The most commonly used, the usual, the million times tested and million times eaten pancakes. Everybody loves them and we are sure you will love them as well.

Healthy Recipes
Then there are the healthy pancake recipes. Pancakes are usually eaten as desserts which means they are sweet and have quite a few calories. These healthy recipes will teach you how to make you pancakes more lean, slim and good for your body. And still leave them tasting great!

Sweet pancakes and pancakes with fruit
The real deal:)! Pancakes should be sweet and served with sweet topping or mixed with some fruits. So in sweet and fruit recipes you will find just that - things like banana pancakes, blueberry pancakes and others (we are still adding them).

Pancake recipes from different countries
You might think that there is only one version of pancake with a few different topping? Well there isn't. There are many different pancake recipes that are popular in different countries throughout the world. These international pancake recipes will teach you how do they make pancakes in United States, France, China, Great Britain, how to make Dutch pancakes etc. Spread your horizons and enjoy!

Pancakes with meat and vegetables
Pancakes are not only eaten as desserts. You can add a few vegetables or some ham and cheese and you have a full meal. If you want recipes like that then check pancakes with vegetables and meat recipes!

Other recipes
And finally there are the other recipes, the ones that can not be put in any of the above categories. We are sure you are dying to know which recipes can not be put into any of the above categories :)? Then check out these a little bit different pancake recipes.

That's it, now go and make some pancakes and thanks for visiting!

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